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Ресторан «Cafe Grand» с радостью приглашает Вас отметить любое мероприятие: банкеты, фуршеты, свадьбы и детские праздники.


Product Weight Price
Sucking pig, stuffed with 3 tupes of meat and prunes, decorated with fresh vegetables fnd fruits, along with 3 different sauces 1 шт. 10000
Duck, stuffed with sauerkraut and apples, baked under honey-nut icing 1 шт. 2500
Turkey,stuffed with rise and fruits, baked in honey 1 шт. 4000
Zander, stuffed with layer of salmon slices, dekorated with fresh vegetables fnd lemon 1 шт. 6000

По Вашему желанию Вы можете пригласить Шеф-повара и, по согласованию с ним, заказать любое блюдо.

Мы работаем для Вас с 12.00 до 23.00 без арендной платы!
После 23.00 аренда составляет 2000 рублей в час.

Product Weight Price

Cold snacks

Canape with red caviar 15/30/12 160
Canape with salmon 20/30/22 100
Canape with  home boiled salted pork 20/30/16 100
Canape with tondue 20/30/16 100
Assorted fish  sish platter with hovseradish sauce 120/45/30 400
Salmon rolls stuffed with  «Feta»  cheese 150/30/20 270
Herring seasoned with wine and vinegar to go with vodka, with marinated shallot and boiled potatoes 100/150 200
Salmon in aspic with sause 200/30 250
Assorted meat  (boiled salted pork with garlic, boiled tongue,  stuffed chicken) 120/60/30 350
Home-style boiled salted pork with Horse-radish sauce and pickles 120/80/30 350
Tender veal tongue with horseradish sauce and marinated  vedetabies 120/80/30 350
Tongue in  aspic with  sause 200/30 250
Hamrolls  withcheese crème 150/60/20 220
Pickles from the cellars 250/10 200
Assorted pickled mushrooms over baked potatoes 120/170 220
Tomato-stuffed eggplants under piquant nut sauce 200/30 230
Assorted vegetables with sour cream 160/40 200
Olives 100/2 100
Edible greens 1/100 100
Fungi  with sour cream 200/12 250
Four assorted kinds of cheese 120/110 380


"Greek" saladwithFetacheese 180 180
Fish salad with chef-salted salmon, eggs, mayonnaise and cheese 180 200
Salad with fried filleted chicken, cheese Parmesan and small tomatoes 180 220
Caesar Salad with a Fried Fillet of a Salmon 180 250
Salad with shrimp, chicken fillet, pineapple, apple and iceberg lettuce with dressing 180 250
"Royal" salad with a tongue, carbonate, vegetables, under a "cap" cheese 180 200
Traditional Russian salad 180 200

Salads on plate

Fish salad1/50 100
Traditional russian salad1/50 100

Hot snacks

Small "Spanish" pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, ham and onions, baked under cheese in cream sauce 260 250
Traditional julienne 150 220
"Boyarskiye" meat dumplings (a kind of ravioli) with smetana (sour cream) and greenery 300/50 300
Fish with souse «Tar-Tar» 150/30 250

Hot fish dishes

Salmon "at spawning" (Norwegian salmon fillet slightly stewed in champagne and potatoes) 150/150/50 500
Salmon steak with grilled vegetables and sauce « Tar Tar» 150/175/50 500
Sander (pikeperch) a la monastery, baked with coin – shaped potatoes, onions and mushrooms under Bechamel sauce 360 400
Salmon and Pikeperch Roulade in Cream Sauce Steamed vegetables 170/140/50 500

Hot meat dishes

Pork a la "taiga" stuffed with mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers, with a tender bacon interlayer, with garnish of baked coin-shaped potatoes in mushroom sauce 160/180/50500
Chieken breast Valencia. Chicen breast stuffed with spinach mousse served with boiled spaghetti and cream sauce150/150/50400
Medallions of pork garnished with potatoes with bacon and mushroom sauce160/165/50450
Tender Beef oven-simmered country style Potatoes, fried Onions and Sauce Demi Glace150/210/50550
Half chicken roasted with garlic and spices. Served with potatoes «Farmer stile» and spicy tomato sauce270/150/50450


Basket of Rolls and Butter3шт/3080


Rolled Blini-Crepes filled with Fruit and Berries250/20220
Ice Cream Fruit Sundae in Wafer Basket230/20220
Honey-baked Pear with Philadelphia Cream Cheese310250
Pear strudel with ice cream and cream sauce170/30220
Cheese-cake New York with topping and ice cream ball170/30250
Cheese-cake Chocolade with topping and ice cremam ball170/30250
Prune-Plums in Chocolate with Walnuts110/30250
Fruit vase (apples, bananas, pears, oranges, grape)1/1000400


Espresso40 ml100
Americano150 ml120
Double Espresso80 ml200
Cappuccino150 ml150
Café Latté250 ml170
Café Glacé170 ml200
Cream50 ml50
Milk50 ml20
Milk200 ml80
Lemon25 г20
Honey50 г50


Evian330 ml100
Bottled Water (large)600 ml100
Pepsi-Cola250 ml100
Assortment of juices orange, apple, pineapple and tomato200 ml50
Russian Cranberry Nectar200 ml60


Dairy cocktail
(milk, icecream, fruit sirup)
1/300 200
Strawberry cocktail
(strawberry, milk, ice-cream, fruit sirup)
1/300 200
Chocolate cocktail
(milk, ice-cream, chocolate sirup, chocolate)
1/300 200
Banana cocktail
banana milk, ice-cream, banana, fruit sirup
1/300 200

Fresh squeezed juices

Orange200 ml160
Grapefruit200 ml.180
Apple200 ml160
Carrot200 ml160
Lemon200 ml250

Tea by the Cup

Assam Meleng. Black Tea.1 шт.100
Fruit-Berry Tea1 шт.100
Jasmine Ting Yuan Green Tea1 шт.100

Tea by the Pot

Assam Meleng Black Tea400 ml200
Keemun Lu Cha Chinese Green Tea400 ml200
Palm Beach Cherry-Banana Tea400 ml200
Rambler's Top100