Hotels in St.Petersburg. Booking of Saint-Petersburg hotels became even easier.

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25 Mar
Hotels in St.Petersburg. Booking became even easier.

In 2005 the hotels of St. Petersburg were “filled up” 37 % less than in 2004 – the statistics of the Saint Petersburg hotels’ booking market show these results of the 2005 tourist season. Experts allocate the following reasons of such pitiable situation: First and the most important reason is the price. The hotels and mini-hotels of St.Petersburg of all categories feature exorbitant rates, and nowadays it turns out to be cheaper to visit Belgium or France and stay in three-stars hotel there for 2 weeks, than to reserve a hotel in St. Petersburg for one week.

Secondly, the city does not have a certain advertising policy in the Tourism industry. The 300-anniversary of St. Petersburg was celebrated a long time ago and it is already forgotten, but nothing new has been offered so far. And even the world-famous White Nights have some negative impact on the life of St. Petersburg hotels and mini-hotels, the tourist market experts say. Since the period of White Nights lasts until the middle of July, which is obviously shorter than the summer itself, the so-called high season in hotels of Saint Petersburg finishes at the same time. As a result numerous tourists can’t come to St. Petersburg in June since there are no vacant rooms in hotels, while in July the city is not that enticing for St.Petersburg guests.

Among other reasons, the experts also allocate the constantly increasing number of hotels and, particularly, mini-hotels of St. Petersburg; the hellish process of getting quite an expensive Russian visa and some other.

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