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To reserve a hotel room with us, or to book one of our lovely apartments, just send a request by fax or e-mail, or phone the Nevsky Hotels (NHG) reservations department. You’ll then want to make a one-day’s prepayment, which you can do in any of several ways, as explained in this section of our site.

After we confirm your booking, you can pay for the first night’s stay by credit card on-line payment, cash or bank transfer, at least 24 hours before your arrival date.

Although the industry standard prefers advance reservations, it is possible to check into a room or apartment on the day of booking. In such circumstances the guest and a Nevsky Hotels manager can decide on the best means of payment.

Cash payment

Cash payment is accepted at any NHG hotel

Cash payment notice through Sberbank of Russia

Payment by credit card

Credit card payment at any of the Nevsky Hotels

ОN-LINE credit card payment Show payment form

Order number (leave as is)
Payment summ Rur.
Last name
First name
Middle Name
Reservation number
Credit card payment by letter of authorization

The confidentiality and security of credit card and payment details are guaranteed by the SSL and ASSIST systems, which experience has shown to be an entirely efficient and secure means of making credit card payment by Internet.

Your credit card information is stored in coded form that only the credit card holder can access. Payment is considered complete following authorization by the credit card company. Nevsky Hotels may occasionally check payment by phone.

Before making payment, please check by e-mail or phone call that the requested accommodations are available.

Payment by bank transfer

Bank transfer from guest’s account to NHG account
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